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Welcome Nykia!

As you know our very special Seraphina White has moved into a new role, as HR Assistant, for the next year. As a result we are adding a new member to our Wardrobe team. Please join me in welcoming Nykia Simon. Nykia comes to us from the Hospitality Quick Service group where she has held ...

Congratulations Vern Frick!

Big congratulations to our very own Event Host, Vern Frick, on his retirement from the Coliseum! Vern is the longest-serving employee at the PNE and will be retiring at the end of this summer after 55 years of service! Lucky for us, Vern will continue at Rogers Arena. Read all about it here!

Introducing Your Staff Services Team!

Ever wondered who the faces are behind the emails or phone calls to Staff Services? Well, now you will! We want to introduce you to the Staff Services (scheduling) team, consisting of our two full-time staff members, Una Simpson and Joel Faltinsky and our 6 part-timers, Anne Donnelly, Claudia Balomenos, Kai Juenger-Rein, Robyn Yates, Brenda ...

Meet Premium Client Service (PCS) Concierge

As you were enjoying the hot, dry days of summer a quiet change was happening at Rogers Arena. No, not a new tower. Not a new club. A subtle, inconspicuous change that really, doesn’t even affect its own team in any substantial way – Premium Client Service (PCS) Concierge moved from reporting to Nicole Vandenberg, ...