January 2020 Fan Mail Recipients

Congratulations to the January Fan Mail recipients!

Sara McCreadie, Server

Sara spent the night assisting everyone in the room (as well as managing her own section!) And got mini donuts for the whole room (all tables).

Emelia Winnig, Premium Supervisor

Always keeping the team in a positive attitude and supporting us with your beautiful spirit.

AJ Gosal, Security Supervisor

Realized that reticketing line could become a concourse obstruction issue well before it did and directed staff to monitor and averted a huge problem!

Gagandeep Bal, Event Security

Gagandeep stayed late to help a guest find her cell phone! Great job!

Gail Blake, Event Host

Gail went above and beyond to help a guest in a very sensitive situation. Thank you Gail for assisting the guest and helping turn her unfortunate situation around!

Sara McCreadie, Server

What a woman. Deserves a gold medal for her integrity and love!

Rene Appelmans, Event Host

Very impressed with Rene tonight. He did amazing, dealing with 4 guests who did not belong there. Great job!!

Marina Kovalishyna, Event Host

Marina ran egress at Gate 16 like a total pro. She was friendly but firm, she didn’t miss a beat. Well done, Marina!!

Paul Sandhu, Event Security

Paul stopped a theft outside of Gate 2. Followed the male and retrieved the stolen merchandise, brought person back into arena. Great job Paul!

Gail Blake, Event Host

Helping me in a very sensitive situation. Gail went above and beyond to help me. She made my night. Thank you!

Rita Wan, Event Host

Pro-active, covering a tunnel, beginning of period 2- great job covering 101.

Rob Beech, Fan Experience Supervisor

Suburb service for injured fan.

Hans Havas, Event Host

Amazing guest attendant who was willing to help with my family’s first NHL game! Thank you Hans!

Alessio Bonaventura, Retail Sales Associate

Alessio noticed a jersey theft and alerted security so the item and individual were safely recovered. Great job!

Kelvin Chan, Retail Sales Associate

Awesome job on customer service tonight! Great communication with fans all shift. Such a positive and upbeat attitude!

Christian Ordanza, Retail Sales Associate

Great job today moving jerseys. Awesome customer service all game! Nice work on clean-up!

Emily Schwartz, Retail Sales Associate

Stepping up and doing manual sales all night when the POS crashed. Great attitude and awesome work!

Bailey McNeil, Retail Sales Associate

Bailey came from the store and helped log all sales while our POS was down. Great work!

Ash Rutherford, Retail Sales Associate

Thank you, Ash, for staying later to help coworkers after he was done in his section. He offered up help and did extra work without being asked!

Dylan Ko, Retail Sales Associate

Dylan, thank you for being great with customers, and being eager and willing to learn the till and cashing out.

Chantelle Tuck, Hospitality Supervisor

Chantelle, thank you for being a very patient person in dealing with an unheard-of staff situation. Your knowledge and calm demeanor saved the day!

Ignacio Cuellar, Quick Service Attendant

Amazing job cleaning without being asked during the whole game! Great guest interactions as well. Well-rounded employee – outstanding work Ignacio!

Malcolm Wanless, Hospitality Supervisor

Thank you for being a helpful coworker during a difficult staff incident towards the end of the game. Your professionalism shines through!

Natasha Carpio, Event Host

Natasha did an awesome job helping to count our 8000 red envelopes! Thank you!

Peter McElligott, Event Host

Peter went above and beyond assisting a guest in a wheelchair. The guest was so grateful for your positive attitude and offer to “go the extra mile”.

Kaleb Bains, Event Host

Thank you for offering (as you do so often) to help where needed after finishing your break coverage. Your positive attitude is so very much appreciated!

Michael Rokosh, Event Host

Michael made a young guest’s night by giving her his Canucks 50-year pin and interacting with her throughout the game. Thank you, Michael, for making the young guest feel special!

Hanhi Tran, Event Security

Hanhi is always hard working and was excellent help with the new security team members!

Stephanie Gregoire, Street Team Member

Stephanie went above and beyond to give guests a memorable experience. Thank you, Stephanie!

Tony Diaz, Event Host

Tony does a phenomenal job in managing the section and diffusing issues as they arise on game nights. Thank you!

Cassidy Lee, Street Team Member

Going out of her way and above her duties to help two different groups with their ticket issues. She stayed outside 20 minutes after 7 (in the rain!) till they got their tickets sorted out!

Barney Hong, Jim Mayhew, Natasha Carpio, Tara Balla, & Anne Stevenson, Event Host’s

Thank you for speaking to all our guests on the floor about children’s safety in the seats! Great Job!

Crystal Linstrom, Event Host

Thank you for looking after our young guests on the floor at Paw Patrol. Being proactive and helping the little ones and their parents who had some issues! Appreciate all that you did!

Kevin Unrau, Event Housekeeper

Going above and beyond to help a guest in the washroom. Excellent customer service. Thank you so much!

Caileigh Kirkby, Concierge Supervisor & Pam London, Concierge

Thank you, ladies, for picking up the blankets & for folding, rolling & putting the handles on!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate that!

John Fitzgerald, Premium Bartender

He knows so much and is always willing to share his knowledge with a positive attitude!

Aftab Kazic, Server Assistant

Was extra helpful tonight. Spent extra time helping clear tables and re-setting.

Emelia Winnig, Premium Hospitality Supervisor

Always being such a supportive manager and having our backs!

Chezca Alcover, Server Assistant

Pulled it together for the whole server assistant team!

Gift Card Winners:

Michael Rokosh, Event Host

Cassidy Lee, Street Team Member

Alessio Bonaventura, Retail Sales Associate

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