February 2020 Signing Day Winners!


The following staff are winners of the Signing Day draw! 

Please check your email for further instructions. The deadline to submit your item is Wednesday, February 12, 2020. 

First Name Last Name Position 
Ji Yon Park Host 
Christopher Mok Cook 
Gino Schneider  Security Supervisor  
Suban Selvakumaran  QSA 
Luiz Felipe de Oliveira Antunes Server Assistant 
Sumeet Punni Security  
Lonell  Belcourt  Steward  
Jim Chan Host 
Lauren Rappaport Bartender 
Jai Vaidya Conversions 
Joe Garcea Conversions 
Pamela  Lutley Host 
Jorge Calvo QS Supervisor 
Susie Sziklai Host 
David Yau Street Team 
Alim Allibhai  Concierge  
Anna Pang In-Seat Server 
Tercel Keepness Bartender 
Adrian Miral QS Cook 

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