November 2019 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the November Fan Mail recipients!

Sam Charalambous, Ticket Centre Supervisor

Sam helped with our sales line when we were very busy and shorthanded. Thanks for all the hard work!

Landen Wray, Ticket Centre Assistant

Landen stayed late and helped with sales when we were shorthanded. Thanks for the dedication and support!

Emelia Winnig, Premium Hospitality Supervisor

It’s no mystery why this lady is the go-to manager on the floor – she shows over the top knowledge and understanding of the arena. Thank you, Emelia!

Eduardo Rivadeneira Proano Sr., Steward

What a great team player! This guy should be stopping goals out on the ice; he’s so talented! Friendly, fast and eager to help! Thanks Edu!

Rhonda Starinieri, Event Host

Handled a very awkward situation with false accusations between guests with extreme tack and diplomacy. Both parties were able to continue enjoying show. Nice job and thank you!

Bronte Burgess,Ticket Centre Supervisor

Bronte stepped into sales when we had over 200 people in line without even being asked. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

Mabel Huang, Ticket Centre Representative

Mabel picked up a will call shift to help the team. When there was a no-show, she jumped on a sales window, helping fans quickly and efficiently. Great job!

Farzana Ali, Ticket Centre Representative

Farzana volunteered to help with sales when we had over 200 fans waiting to buy Elton John tickets. Thanks for stepping up! Keep up the great work!

John Pedersen, Event Host

John was looking after the wheelchair section; he went down to 100 from 300 and got a guest a blanket. Going the extra mile!

Dennis Watt, Event Host

Dennis stayed calm and provided support for two first aid calls during the gala. Dennis became worried once a lady did not come back out of the washroom. He sent a lady in to check on her, Dennis then called first aid and help arrived shortly after – Nice work!

Daniel Jin, Event Host

Daniel dealt with a difficult situation during NBA. He was professional and stayed positive and in control with a very difficult quest. Great job Daniel!!

John Pedersen, Event Host

John did an excellent job taking care of WC311, bringing blankets and taking care of the guests!!

Sue Chan, Server

Sue gave excellent service to her tables and others. A guest was very impressed by her.

Sherilyn Dimarco, Server

Sherilyn is an absolute ray of sunshine to work with! She is an incredible team player and such a lovely human.

Harmen Bains, Retail Supervisor

Harmen, who had already ended his shift, was a superstar and assisted a game suite guest who was in that had ordered a jersey on Vanbase that was missing the “50” patch when delivered.

Stephanie Williams, Concierge

Stephanie was on FIRE doing double duty as TL200 & TL500 when we had people call in sick at the last minute. She is the epitome of what a leader is!

Kent Kwok, Concierge

Kent was amazingly quick at jumping in and supporting our Gate 16 security with ingress when they delayed on doors. You rock!!

Kent Kwok, Concierge

Thanks for being our 50/50 coordinator – it’s a great team builder and I appreciate you taking the lead on it.

Melanie Bauer, Bartender

Mel took the initiative to do extra cleaning in WT100 when it was slow and cleaned all the display bottles! Thanks!

Sue Chan, Server

Thanks for giving me awesome and thorough training! You’re super knowledgeable, attentive and fun to work with.

Sue Chan, Server

She was really helpful when I was busy. She helped me set my tables for the 2nd period!

Sherilyn DiMarco, Server

Sher always helps out the team and makes sure we give the guests a fantastic experience every night!

Shauna Haracka, Server

Shauna was a rockstar tonight! She was helping everyone clean throughout the night.

Shannon Bellfeuille, Server

Thank you for being so positive & patient with my first champions night!

Patricia Wheatley, Concierge Team Lead

Patti was on FIRE tonight with catching kids in four different suites who were here for their first game. She stocked them all up with swag (beads & pins). Way to go!

James Dergousoff, Quick Service Attendant

James was striving to make a personal connection with every fan he encountered tonight. Also, when delays with cash out came up, she found other tasks that had to be done in order to be productive.

Stella Eaton,Concierge

Thanks for stepping up and working a desk before your training was officially over. What a great team player!

Olena Sorokina, Concierge

Thanks for running all over the building to get our 50/50 tickets.

Fernanda Foschi, Concierge

Thank you for working a C500 shift even before your training was officially over- what a great team player!

Jerome Gonzales, Quick Service Attendant

Trained and provided micros knowledge to all cashiers in 318.

Sheri Wisnowski, Concierge

Thanks for coming in on your Birthday to help the team when we were short- you rock! Thanks for all you do!

Aftab Kazic, Server Assistant

Aftab is, simply put, an all-star!!

Owen Ebel, Server Assistant

Great energy on first day, quick to learn and was super helpful!

Rebecca Elgood, Guest Service Ticket Center

Rebecca was the only GS window and managed the line and fans in a timely and professional manner. There was also great feedback from a fan after Rebecca helped her with a StubHub issue.

Stephane Obergfell, Beer Server

Helped with a big cleanup. Thank you!

Emelia Winnig, Premium Hospitality Supervisor

Emelia has the most incredible passion for service, understands all of our strengths in the Loges and provides support to all with loyalty and respect.

Kristina Jackson, Quick Service Attendant

She provides outstanding customer service!

Maude Gagnon, Cook

Great communication and really raising the level of service on the 200th level!

Jen Grant, Server

Thanks for always being great to all of our guests and raising the service standards in loge!

Jen Grant, Server

Jen’s always very professional. Her team work & attitude is integral to her team’s success!

Leah Favaro, Ticket Center Rep 2

Leah was awesome tonight. She noticed that the GS line was growing so she called fans over to her will call window and helped solve GS issues all night.

Kate Kutka, Server

Kate’s detail with her guests is impressive. Her efficiency makes her an incredible teammate.

Laura Bryce, Server

Laura made a young guests’ night! It was his first game and she put a puck in the fridge and gave it to him chilled (like it came straight off the ice from the game!) He was teary eyed and super excited.

Olena Sorokina, Concierge

Thank you for being a superstar and coming in last minute when we had people call in sick hours before the show.

Stephanie Williams, Concierge

Thank you for coming to the concert just hours before it started as we had people that called in sick.

Sheri Wisnowski, Concierge

Thank you for all your patience answering all of my questions about C500. You were a fantastic trainer.

Bradley Chow & Kent Kwok, Club Concierge

The two ALL stars! We couldn’t ask for anything more with this duo. They are amazing with guests and always go the extra mile to make the room run flawlessly. We’re all so grateful for the effort you put in! Thanks a million.

Aftab Kazic, Server Assistant

Aftab is always there when I need assistance. He’s hard working and always willing to help!

Gift Card Winners:

Landen Wray, Ticket Centre Assistant

Dennis Watt, Event Host

Laura Bryce, Server

  1. Can I ask what happen to September & October’s fan Mail ? They were posted on the screens around the arena.


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