October 2019 Signing Day Winners!


The following staff are winners of the Signing Day draw! 

Please check your email for further instructions. The deadline to submit your item is Friday, October 25, 2019. 

First Name Last Name Position 
Nancy Nancy QSA 
Jenny Humphries Bartender 
Brianna Nielsen Staff Services Assistant 
Kevin MacDonald Game Presentation 
Fred Quan Host 
Kimberly Garneau Beer Server 
Mike Kennedy Conversions Supervisor 
Dhaman Gosal Suite Attendant 
Ron Shah Security 
Cheryl Neville Host 
Arlene Bosma Host 
Roy Song Conversions 
Lester Lo Host 
Brenda Gosling QSA 
Anna Pang In-Seat Server 
Lorietes Elizarde Post-Event Housekeeper 
Dominic Fung QSA 
Trevor Vellenoweth Press Box Attendant 
Bradley Chow Concierge 
Sumeet Punni Security 

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