July & August 2019 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the July & August 2019 Fan Mail recipients!

Steven Tang, Event Host

Steven did an awesome job managing the merch line up at 111 towards gate 3 emergency exit!

Alim Allibhai, Concierge

Thank you for taking such good care of the young man that needed some quiet space after receiving bad news. Great play!

Tracy Ghirardi, Concierge Team Lead

Tracy has a great attitude, having her on this team makes a huge difference. She is always willing to lend a hand and engaging the team with her amazing fun facts!

Sheryl Williamson, Assistant Manager PCS Concierge

Sheryl was calm and professional with a very intoxicated guest who was disoriented. She was able to defuse and de-escalate the situation and ensured that the guest was safely assisted.

Jacqui Fenn, Concierge Supervisor

Jacqui filled in as a hospitality supervisor on our busiest day- Draft day! Thanks Jacqui- great team play!

Kayla Mesic, Quick Service Attendant

Recognized a fellow employee going above and beyond over regular service and brought it to her supervisors’ attention.

Anne McCormick, Event Host

Anne helped a lot for the event and made me feel very welcome.

Ace Cabebe, Quick Service Attendant

Helped a disabled guest with their order and made sure the guest had everything they needed including all of their condiments.

Joanne O’Connor, Event Host

Despite it being a very busy night at a concert with many things going on in her section, Joanne stopped a guest who had stolen a case of beer from a quick service cart. Great job!

Yolande Chong, Event Security

Yolande did an awesome job relocating a family from the back low on the floor to the pits.

Paul Sundher, Bartender

Team player! Took initiative to clean a big sticky mess in the storage! Thank you, Paul!

Josh Greenberg, Bartender

Kindly refused alcohol service, very professional and followed policy.

Hans Havas, Event Host

Hans offered to exchange our tickets which were in an upper section of the arena to seats in the handicapped section when he observed it would be difficult for me to navigate stairs as I have a disability and use a cane. Hans was very pleasant and certainly went above and beyond his host duties to ensure my friend and myself had an outstanding experience. Thanks so much Hans, please know your kindness was very much appreciated!

Kathleen Kelly, Event Host

Kathleen made our evening at Rogers arena fantastic! My Mom and I were celebrating her 75th birthday & this was the first time we had attended an event at Rogers Arena. We had a fabulous evening because of Kathleen, thank you Kathleen for your thoughtfulness!

Morgan Bute, Bartender

Morgan went above and beyond in helping setup and lead the stand.

Chantelle Tuck, Hospitality Supervisor

Recognized for coordinating the transfers of all the food.

Frank Gonzalez, Quick Service Attendant

Recognized for teamwork and having a positive attitude!

Tariq Parekh, Server Assistant

Tariq also let me know that there was an incident involving a staff member on the 100 level, as he was returning the noise cancelling headphones, and he stopped off to help until the police arrived. He was so genuinely concerned for the staff member, he really is a model employee. I just wanted to recognise him for taking the time out to help!

Jet Khan, Ken Morrison, Jay Groberman, Security/Fan Experience Supervisor

Without hesitation all the bravos got in there and helped cut off the lines. Great help. Couldn’t have done it without them.

Ashley Osachuk, Event Host

Ashley had a very tough section at the Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson concert. She handled it extremely well! We really appreciate all that you did Ashley!

Sheryl Williamson, Assistant Manager PCS Concierge

She is truly an inspirational leader! I love her great advice and her sense of humor with a killer work ethic. So proud to be part of her team!

Gift Card Winners:

Joanne O’Connor, Event Host

Tariq Parekh, Server Assistant

Ace Cabebe, Quick Service Attendant

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