September 2019 Signing Day Winners!

September 2019 Signing Day Winners! 


The following staff are winners of the Signing Day draw! 

Please check your email for further instructions. The deadline to submit your item is Tuesday, September 24, 2019. 

First Name Last Name Position 
Andrea Mathay QSA 
Jiven Lal Retail 
Lynda Chalmers Host 
Timothy Gueco Housekeeping Supervisor 
Alicia Maggiore QSA 
Edward Dillon Host 
Dayna Furst Ticket Centre 
Morag MacPherson Post-Event Housekeeping 
Gwen Powell Host 
Michael Allan Security 
Jay Groberman Fan Ex Supervisor 
Tara Balla Host 
Chris Morrison Security 
Clement Lau Tour Guide 
Teagan O’Shaughnessy In-Seat Server 
Juanita Lorete QS Cook 
David Cao Beer Server 
Matteo Ciolfitto Warehouse 
Ali Tehranchi Security 
Karyn Dirks Dispatch 

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