June 2019 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the June 2019 Fan Mail recipients!

Dain Antalik, Hospitality Supervisor

Dain is always positive, encouraging and keeps the energy around him fun and engaging. He also gives the best briefings! Thanks for being an awesome supervisor to work with.

Alberto Javier, Quick Service Attendant

 I would like to thank Alberto for his hard work all event long and being super personal with each guest! Keep up the great work.

Amabel Danseco, Beer Server

Amabel is always willing to help fans and coworkers. She always wears a smile and has such positive energy. She is a delight to work with!

Eloiza Almoite, Beer Server

Eloiza always arrives early to her shift to ensure she is set up for success. She is courteous and is always smiling. Great customer service!

Kree Pelletier, Hospitality Supervisor

Thank you for always being willing to lend a helping hand.

Dominic Fung, Quick Service Attendant

Dominic has an exceptional work ethic, keep up the good work!

Chetan Heer, Beer Server

Chetan is a hard-working individual. He has a great attitude, and he is always respectful. It is such a pleasure to work with him.

Lorenzo Javier, Quick Service Attendant

Great job running for 3 cashiers. Willing to help!

Kim Garneau, Beer Server

Kim is an exceptional worker. Has awesome customer service. Is always helping with new staff. Pleasant and fun to work with.

Chetan Heer, Beer Server

Always greeting with a smile and positive attitude. Regulars would look forward to being served by him.

Dayja Ducharme, Quick Service Attendant

Great job walking miles around everyone else in the stand. You work hard night in and night out. Thank you.

Kayla Mesic, Quick Service Attendant

Amazing customer service. Epitome of hospitality. Helps get the team excited for the shift.

Kree Pelletier, Hospitality Supervisor

Thank you for always willing to help no matter the task.

Jen Koenig, Bartender

Lead the team! Very organized.

Nicole Amaral, Beer Server

Nicole is constantly interacting with fans, asking about their experiences, ensuring them the best experience.

Amanda Ongoratto, Quick Service Attendant

Stepping up to help guests with varying needs all event while doing an excellent job of connecting with customers at a busy snack-to-go cart.

Fernanda Ribeiro Rafare, Event Host

Outstanding work outside Gate 7 moving customers to lines with less people.

Marina Kovalishyna, Event Host

Was a great help and redeployed to assist with wheel-chair escorts. It was a busy event with so many requests the team was amazing.

Janice Flintoff, Event Host

Spent significant time with guests who had suspected fraudulent tickets. Was very reassuring and determined to assist. Through that it was found tickets were valid and guests were extremely relieved. Thanks for following through.

Lee Campbell, Event Host

Gate 3 directional role required extreme multi-tasking and communication to guide guests and assist with accessibility issues. Thank you for such an amazing effort!

Hunter Hollister, Event Security

Hunter did a great job going over and above escorting guests, helping spouses find each other, retrieving wheelchairs. Great job Hunter!

Michelle Wolff, Event Host

Michelle did a great job under intense pressure at Gate 16 East Elevator with a very long pre-show ling up!

Mieke Stobbart, Event Security

Great job under very stressful ingress circumstances.

Madison Perkins, Event Security

Madison did a great job at Gate 16 under very stressful circumstance. Great job!

Pamela Lutley, Event Host

Pam did a great job at Gate 16 helping with all the transports under very trying circumstances.

Frank Leung, Event Host

Frank did an awesome job at Gate 16 under extremely stressful circumstances. Great job Frank.

Jane Reed, Event Host

Jane did a great job at Gate 16 helping with all the transports.

Frank Gonzalez, Quick Service Attendant

For being an excellent teammate. For his positive attitude and taking the initiative to get things done without being told or asked.

Owen O’Driscoll, Event Host

Owen did an outstanding job managing the flow in East Elevator bringing people in, accommodating guests under extreme circumstances.

Patti Matwiv, Fan Experience Supervisor

Patti was absolutely the best and we were overwhelmed by the concern and care she extended to us. We enjoyed the show very much because of her and are deeply grateful.

Sandy Chan, Beer Server

For always being a hard worker during events.

Jessica Hamilton, Beer Server

Jessica is a very pleasant and polite beer server. She has an excellent customer service attitude, always starts her shift early and is very organized in her area. A pleasure to work with!

Shamira Kavanagh, Hospitality Supervisor & Deirdra McCarthy, Quick Service Attendant

It was exceedingly busy at snacks 309. I never would have gotten through the night without the help of Shamira and Deirdra!

Shawn Myers, Bartender

Shawn is highly organized and helpful to other staff.

Elana Spelling, Bartender

Elana is being recognized for her professionalism and kindness towards guests.

Celina Chen, Quick Service Attendant

Hustle, patience and hard work! Doesn’t complain, always helps the crew and always with a smile. Never have to tell her to stock up, she just does it!

Melissa Lawson, Quick Service Attendant

Always goes above and beyond in service. Completes tasks without being asked and demonstrates strong leadership skills!

Nicole Ringland, Beer Server

Excellent customer service- always has a smile on her face!

Stephen Biss, Event Security

Great job for filling in where necessary and for recognizing gate 16 is late stay and offering to fill in late stay for CSC could leave! Great job Stephen!

Steve Logan, Event Host

Steve did an awesome job escorting two young girls to the floor- he took such great care of them!

Sandra Marino, Event Host

She listened to a story that happened to me in 2017, where I missed the last Shawn Mendes concert in Mexico City. She was supportive and helped find me seats closer to the floor. Looking forward to my next event at Rogers Arena.

Celina McKay, Culinary Supervisor

Very helpful and went over and beyond to help me clean the mess of coffee. Also made sure I had enough coffee at 109.

Joy Loh, Quick Service Attendant

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Helped to train Abraham while serving customers with a smile and speed.

Colin Gelinas, Security Supervisor

Outstanding guest service. A couple with a young child asked to meet Fin and Colin took the time to bring the family down where the child could meet his idol. The child came back beaming and his mom said he was so excited and happy.

Rachel Paimen, Event Host

Making great conversation and helping direct me when I lost my shirt I just bought. Thank you!

Rob Dobson, Event Host

Was extremely helpful during VIP experience and ensuring guests had easy access to washrooms. Great follow through, much appreciated!

Katarina Annas, Event Host

Was instrumental in trouble shooting floor guests with reassigned seats. Thank you for your follow through for the guests.

Jan English, Event Host

Stayed later operating east elevator manually to ensure suite guests were accommodated. Thanks Jan!

Shawn Myers, Bartender

Exceptionally informative and friendly with the ladies tonight. Had lots of fans laughing and having a good time.

Colleen Owen, Event Host

Colleen handled duplicate seating issues in 106 with a smile and courteous to some frustrated guests! Way to keep cool and calm. Great work!!

Melissa Lawson, Quick Service Attendant

Thank you for working hard and properly asking for ID from everyone. Great Job!

Amanda Keleher, Quick Service Attendant

I never had anyone who seems so happy to be here! Always smiling and always helping with others.

Miranda Fujisawa, Quick Service Attendant

Always goes above and beyond when it comes to service and general set up. Helpful with coworkers and takes leadership when at work.

Elif Kurtcu, Quick Service Attendant

She applied the “Greet, Listen & Thank You” method with a smile.

Gift Card Winners:

  • Dominic Fung
  • Miranda Fujisawa
  • Kim Garneau

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