May 2019 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the May 2019 Fan Mail recipients!

Victor Robert, Event Housekeeper

Victor works so diligently and takes the utmost pride in his work. He always has a smile. We appreciate you, Victor!!

Carla Accurso, Concierge

Thank you for your hard work and positive attitude this season. You are amazing with our fans! Great work this season!

Margaret Zag, Suite Attendant

Margaret surprised and delighted a young fan celebrating their 8th birthday tonight. Thanks for making it a special night to remember!

Kent Kwok, Concierge

Great attention to detail tonight with potential ticketing issues. Thanks for all you do!

Selena Alexander, Concierge

Selena has a great way of connecting with our fans and brightening our fans night. Thanks for all you do!

Sam Pinto, Concierge

Thanks for your great attention to detail and being so on top of potential ticketing issues!! Great eye!

Rachel Paimen, Event Host

Rachel did an outstanding job, helping at the gate and being a great resource and leader.

Bonda Bitzer, Event Host

Bonda recognized that a guest didn’t look well at the end of the night and she accompanied the guest’s friend to their car to get their belongings before guest was transferred to the hospital. Awesome job going above and beyond Bonda!

Louise Leyh, Event Host

Ensured guests with special needs were accommodated and provided easy access to their seats. Thank you for your efforts, guests had a great experience!

Doug Sprenger, Event Host

Doug ensured two teens were able to reunite with their parents after an unexpected separation during the event. Thank you for the follow through!

Stephen Biss, Event Security

Went above and beyond for visually impaired guests; escorted from floor to merch sales and then to sky train.

Jordyn Laxton, Event Security

Went above and beyond for visually impaired guests; escorted from floor to merch sales and then to sky train.

Vojteck Vymetal, Event Housekeeping

Was so thorough to ensure wet spills were tended to, protein spills thoroughly cleaned and checked back with host to ensure guests were comfortable. Thank you!

Pamela Lutley, Event Host

Pamela was so attentive to two special needs guests in her section. Ensured they connected with family post show and paid attention to small details to ensure a great experience!

Lizet Norena, Event Security

Lizet did an excellent job searching and confiscating a taser, bringing it to the VPD. Lizet remained calm, cool and professional throughout. Great job Lizet!!

Rachel Paimen, Event Host

Rachel had a very challenging section tonight with many ticketing issues, seating issues, upset guests and challenging situations. She was fantastic in handling it all! She was calm, professional and proactive. Guests even comments on how wonderful she was and how great she handled everything!

Joanne O’connor, Event Host

Joanne went above and beyond for two guests, one of which had special needs and her mother.

Daniel Petkovic, Event Host

Daniel was very on the ball. Humble, kind and professional. We love him, deserves a raise!

Gift Card Winners:

  • Margaret Zag, Suite Attendant
  • Bonda Bitzer, Event Host
  • Rachel Paimen, Event Host

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