April 2019 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the April 2019 Fan Mail recipients!

Criss Chacko, Quick Service Cook

Criss is so understanding about my allergies and happily changes his gloves before serving me. Thanks for taking such great care of your guests!

Bob Insell, Event Host

Bob was sweet, kind, understanding and just an angel.

Teri Charuhas, Concierge

Teri was so helpful! Thank you. Great service!

Teri Charuhas, Concierge

Teri was so helpful and friendly taking us to our seats and showing us around. She even came back to check on us and take our pictures. She was great!

Mark Ma, Server Assistant

Mark is an amazing asset to our team. He is always proactive, hard-working, and has awareness beyond the scope of his position. Thank you!

Stephanie Williams, Concierge

You are recognized for your enthusiasm, manners and continued support for your team. Your effort, dedication and team spirit do not go unnoticed.

Steve Collingwood, Premium Hospitality Supervisor

Way to go Steve – Thanks for collecting and delivering “fan mail” to FIN! You made both the artist and the recipient very happy!

Megan Hunter, Premium Bartender

Megan knows the ins and outs of the bar incredibly well and does her job with impressive consistency and grace. Thanks for being awesome!

Victor Robert, Event Housekeeper

Victor consistently goes above and beyond to look after encore. When he heard we needed more help with bathroom checks, he came by every half hour! We appreciate his commitment so much.

Aftab Kazic, Server Assistant

Aftab consistently recognizes and takes responsibility for is work and shows pride in improving the outcome of each event.

Cliff Castillo, Event Host

Cliff did an amazing job with two young men who have autism. He got all the info for their mother in case anything happened to them. He did an awesome job.

Christina Nelder, Event Security

Christina showed compassion and kindness to a guest who had medical issues.

Vern Frick, Event Host

Vern was great in giving me all the tips & telling me what to do during my first time at level 1. Thanks Vern!

Kayla Lok, Beer Server

Kayla was a delight to deal with. She is kind and engaging with our guests and is a joy to work with. Thanks for great service!

Maxime Lefebvre, Event Security

Maxime was so personable and pleasant with the guests at gate 16. Way to make security checks entertaining for our guests!

Sheryl Williamson, Assistant Manager

Thank you for making a young man’s night. Our client had written a personal letter to Matt Duchene and John Tortorella of the Blue Jackets. He really wanted to have the letter get to them and even meet them. Sheryl worked with Jim Day to make this experience happen. The smile on the young man’s face was priceless when he was called to meet the visiting team.

Gift Card Winners:

  • Sheryl Williamson, Assistant Manager
  • Cliff Castillo, Event Host
  • Criss Chacko, Quick Service Cook

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