March 2019 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the March 2019 Fan Mail recipients!

Max Williamson, Catering & Suites Supervisor

Max went above and beyond to assist all of us during the concert tonight. Thank you for all your help and support!

Lauren Pfeiffer, Suite Attendant

Thank you, Lauren, for having your suites perfectly stocked and set up for each event! Great Job.

Chantelle Coleman, Concierge

Thanks for your sharp eyes and attention to detail with fan mobile tickets.

Great work!

Selena Alexander, Concierge

Great attention to detail with all tasks assigned to you. And thanks for making a little fans night tonight. Great play!

Adi Aggarwal, Hospitality Supervisor Premium

Adi was a great help during the Snoop Dogg concert and worked really hard on the 500 suites to keep everything together during a super hectic event in less than ideal working conditions. Thanks for your support!

Stephanie Williams, Concierge

Thank you, Stephanie, for your support during the Snoop Dogg concert! Especially with the issue on 500. It’s great to know you truly care about our welfare. Thanks!  

Sam Pinto, Concierge

Sam jumped in to assist with calling a code blue and stayed onsite to ensure the guest received care. Thanks for being there for our fans!

Thanks so much for helping the team by picking up a shift at the last minute. We really appreciate you! 

Nikki Lewis, Suite Attendant

Thanks Nikki, for putting a process in place to help us manage the ticketing concerns in one of our suites!

Pam London, Concierge

Pam is so friendly and kind to guests and staff alike. She always has a smile on her face and is never hesitant to help our fans. Thanks!

Shane Galway, Concierge

Great work tonight at Gate 16! We received so much great feedback about how attentive and engaged you were with our guests. Nice Work!

Thank you for your flexibility with tonight’s staffing and deployment. You always maintain a high standard of service to the guests in Club 500!

Kent Kwok, Concierge

Thanks for being so professional and flexible during a last-minute staff change. Such a great team player.

Rob Bates, Concierge

Rob is always so polite and humorous with guests. Tonight, he went about and beyond not only giving a fan her jacket at club 500 but putting it on for her. Chivalry at its finest!

Carla Accurso, Concierge

Carla always has a smile and kind words for everyone she encounters. Thanks for all you do to connect with our guests!

Olena Sorokina, Concierge 

Thank you so much for stepping up and helping the team when we are shorthanded. You Rock!

Louise Leyh, Event Host  

Louise did a fantastic job in a very busy section. She kept a close eye on some overly enthusiastic guests. Great Job!

Isaac Kehler, Hawker 

Isaac always conducts himself very professionally and always wears a warming, friendly smile. Keep up the good work Isaac.

Ashley Buck, Event Host

Ashley showed professionalism and provided great customer service to many guests, as well with dealing with fan recovery at the same time. Great job staying calm and professional Ashley!

Leah Doaquino, Housekeeping  

Leah is fast to respond to pages, with quick and efficient cleanliness. Leah really is a star!

Bruce Barden, Event Host  

Bruce showed great support for his coworker when he was checking on tunnels to see if any help was needed and jumped in to help a tunnel host that had a lot of things going on with guests and fan recovery. Great job Bruce!

Lexia Nash, Suite Attendant 

Lexia gives her whole-hearted attention to both guests and colleagues, and simultaneously pay thorough attention to detail. Lexia, you are a professional through and through, and lots of fun to work with too!

Roselyn Panganiban, Event Housekeeper 

Roselyn is always so helpful and so positive. She is always smiling and makes us smile too!

Darryl Wallin, Event Host

Good job tonight in ensuring that a guest who lost her puck was able to go home with another one! You rock!

Lucy Farrow, Ticket Centre Supervisor

Lucy worked amazingly to find better seats for a young family attending their first concert in the lower bowl. Wow! She deserves a huge thank you!

Teri Charuhas, Concierge 

Teri is always upbeat and professional when handling challenging situations.

John Pedersen, Event Host

John did a great job greeting families here for the minor hockey event. He greeted them warmly, offered his assistance, directed them to seats, washrooms, and so on. Well done, John!

Chezca Alcover, Server Assistant

Chezca is great at communicating customer needs and is results driven. Chezca is always willing to help kitchen staff with food running and quality control. Thank you!

Kate Kutka, Loge Server

Once again Kate saved the day; setting up Loge bar for service when a colleague had an emergency. What a team player!

Hans Havas, Event Host

Hans always displays his amazing hosting abilities, especially during tonight’s game. Way to go Hans!

Georgina Soo, Event Host

Thank you, Georgina, for staying late with a guest that was waiting for a wheelchair escort. You displayed great dedication to our guests!

Marianne Bereziak, Event Host 

Marianne was fantastic and positive, being outside in the cold and snow to do wristbands. She is a great team player and is willing to do the hard work! Thank you, Marianne.

Carlene Chartrand, Event Host 

Carlene went outside in the snow to deliver tickets to fans. Great display of customer service.

Maria Alonzo Farah, Event Housekeeper

Amazing service keeping the restroom clean. Friendly, courteous and helpful! Thank you.

Kelly Roberts, Bartender

Kelly put maximum effort in selling CFKF donations and sold over $150!

Ha Nhi Tran, Event Security

During an eviction of an intoxicated male in sec 103, she did a great job ensuring safety of guests and staff.

Victor Robert & Maria Alonzo Fairah, Event Housekeeping

Victor & Maria did an excellent job keeping gate 8 clear of water, keeping it dry and safe for guests. Great job!

Edgar Alquizalas, Event Housekeeping

Edgar was spotted in the concourse, working so hard and doing multiple calls without any problems.

Robert Petterson, Ticket Centre Rep.

Robert assisted a guest with a psychical disability and accommodated their request for aisle seats, thank you!

Rosanne Deeming, Event Host

Rosanne took the time to follow up with guests leaving who had a ticketing issue during the show. Her effort to acknowledge them was so well received by the guests, it’s the little things!

Nabee Begh, Quick Service Attendant

Thank you for staying late to help prep and clean at Jugo! Fantastic job too!

Danica Dimacali, Quick Service Attendant

Amazing job – team effort and extra cleaning at night end. Thank you for all your efforts.

Monica Schaub, Event Host

Monica jumped right in to keep with crowd control. She helped keep the traffic control flowing at gate 9 when she arrived at end of game to leave, great job! Your help was greatly appreciated.

Joanne O’Connor, Event Host

Joanne was on the 318 aisle and I spoke with her after the game and thanked her, she did an amazing job in the no-alcohol section.

Lisa Dwyer, Event Host

Lisa is an advertisement for what customer service should be. She was so friendly and so kind and helpful. She even found us upgraded seats to the wheelchair platform. she came to check in throughout the game. What a wonderful experience, thank you!

Simran Lail, Street Team Member

We were approached by Simran who made a point to be friendly and kind, chatting with my young son right away. She took time to directly chat with him, making him feel so special. She invited us to high five the Canucks in the tunnel, which made our night so very special. He felt like a ‘big boy’ and said one day he will walk out from that tunnel too. We felt like we were Canucks that night, and it was simply unforgettable.

Sue Chan, Server

Always bringing a positive vibe to the workplace and happy to help the team. Hardworking always!

Emelia Winnig, Premium Supervisor

Emelia has all the characteristics of a great supervisor. She handles all situations with poise and professionalism. We miss her when she’s absent.

Jen Grant, Server

Jen assisted her ill coworker with her tables and ensured that she was feeling better throughout her shift.

Jordan Needham, Lead Cook

Jordan makes sure everything is organized and all the restaurants run smoothly. He lifts everyone’s mood while pushing others to work their best. He encourages everyone to win, thrill and connect.

Ailsa Berry, Server

Ailsa’s positive attitude ceases to amaze and inspire our team to improve ours. Her dedication to providing her guests with the best experience possible is a testament to her professionalism and genuine positive character. She is truly a dream.

Sam Gu, Server Assistant

Sam jumped into the dish pit when we had no dishwasher. He just took it upon himself with a smile. What a guy!

Gift Card Winners:

  • Simran Lail, Street Team Member
  • Lisa Dwyer, Event Host
  • Sam Pinto, Concierge
  • Sam Gu, Server Assistant

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