January 2019 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the January 2019 Fan Mail recipients!

Bonda Bitzer, Event Host

Bonda volunteered herself to help clean the bowl without being asked. she is proactive, takes initiative and goes above and beyond for our fans! Great Work Bonda.

Ron Dobson, Event Host

As a season ticket holder, I just wanted to thank Ron for being so nice and friendly to me and my nephew during tonight’s game. Thank you so much Ron!

Lynda Chalmers, Event Host

“1ST GOAL ” contest winner was thrilled with the care and attention Lynda showed in finding out where guest was to go to collect her prize. She made it a great experience for her!

Colin Gelinas, Security Supervisor

Colin’s continued professionalism in dealing with irate fans shows his passion for CSE. He sets a great example for his coworkers and I am proud to work with him.

Maria Farah, Event Housekeeping

Maria saw a need during a first aid call in the 318 washrooms, she closed off the washroom so first aid could take care of the patient. Quick Thinking Maria!

 Alejandro Arbizu, Hospitality Supervisor

Alejandro always steps up and is a great leader, he takes pride in his section and surrounding sections to ensure customer services are met. Great Job!

Cindy Lou, Alcohol Hawker

Cindy’s hustle to get fans beers out in a timely manner is outstanding. Keep up the good work!

Sherona Khan, QS Beer Server

Helping fans in an effective manner, along with helping fellow coworkers with end of night procedures. Thank you!

Santiago Calimoso, Hospitality Supervisor

Going above and beyond to help fellow supervisors learn the tricks and the trades of alcohol hawking. “He is the Yoda of alcohol hawking”.

Jessica Hamilton, QS Beer Server

Jessica is always helping fans in an effective manner. Along with helping fellow coworkers with end of night procedures. Thank you!

Sonia Brar, Fan Experience Supervisor

Sonia showed great care and concern in assisting a fan that had a beer spilt on them. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Kent Kwok, Concierge

Thank you, Kent, for the good catch on an unauthorized guest in Club 500. Great attention to detail.

Vanessa Yan, Club Concierge

Vanessa was amazing today while in Champions Club on catching non-club guests sneaking in for food during today’s quarter final Canada game. Great Eyes!

Nikki Lewis, Suite Attendant

Thank you for facilitating the “Great Art Delivery” of 2018! Great job getting that picked up and removed by its owner. Good Work!

Gagandeep Bal, Event Security

Thank you for being so generous and getting hot chocolates for your fellow security/hosts at bag check. We were freezing!

Tracy Ghirardi, PCS Concierge

Thank you, Tracy, for jumping into the supervisor role when needed.

Georgina Soo, Event Host

Georgina went above and beyond for a fan that had a beverage spilt on them. Good job!

Pamela Lutley, Event Host

Exceptional and outstanding service to me while trying to get around with a torn ACL. We were at gate 8 and Pamela saw a guest limping from a torn ACL. He had a backpack. She had a security search the bag and escorted him to guest services rather than go down the stairs to bag check. Creative solution, and the guest was very happy. Good Job Pamela

Guy Jones, Conversions

 A heater was not working, Guy took it apart and manually started it for us at bag check. Thank you, Guy, for coming back multiple times to fix the heaters at bag check. We really appreciated it, we were freezing.

Roselyn Panganiban, Event Housekeeping

We had a leak from L300 that soaked one of our desks. Roselyn did an outstanding thorough job of getting us back to 100%. Thank you, Roselyn!

Frank Leung, Event Host

Thank you, Frank, for providing a warm experience and for taking care of fan after the game. You made it a very special night!

Aidan Morris, Event Host

Aidan provided exceptional service to a fan to make their first hockey game experience “unforgettable”!

Charles Limchareon, Event Housekeeping

Thank you so much for hustling to several different wet spill calls during the World Juniors and for checking for cups and cans before the end of the game.

Selena Alexander, Concierge

Selena goes out of her way to greet fans, share a laugh and make them smile. Thanks for your great energy and hard work!

Chantelle Coleman, Concierge

Thanks for your eagle-eyed attention to detail, your hard work and positive attitude during the World Juniors. We appreciate all you do!

Kent Kwok, Concierge

Kent, thanks for being such a huge support to the team, always willing to help when and where needed and most importantly- the sugar! You’re swell!

Samantha Pinto, Concierge

Thanks so much for all your hard work at all events! Your support of the new supervisors is incredible and is making our transitions so much easier! You rock!

Andrew Murphy, Concierge

Murph always has a smile on his face and has been a great support to me during my transition to supervisor. Thanks for all you do!

Michael Li, Suite Runner

Michael is a delight to work with! He is respectful and helpful with both fans and staff. He is always happy to lend a hand and an all-around great colleague. Thanks for all you do!

Stephanie Emro, Event Host

Stephanie showed great support and consideration of her co-workers, checking on hosts that were working bag check in the cold, and switching with them while they came inside to warm-up. Great job Stephanie!

Carlene Chartrand, Event Host

Carlene worked the entire night at bag check, patiently dealing with impatient guests and training contract staff. She did so with a constant smile and positive attitude! Thank you for sharing your positive energy!

Camila Mendes, Quick Service Cook

Pro-active assisting section 122-101 with food and beverage service when the ordering system went down.

Nathan Yang, Event Host

Nathan showed amazing team spirit, offering to switch out of tunnel so that other Hosts could have a chance to watch World Junior Game! Your co-workers appreciated it!

Hans Havas, Event Host

Exceptional service and accommodation for a family that bought tickets in the Larschneiders sections

Hans Havas, Event Host

Going above and beyond to check in with a fan’s son who is living with autism.

Tammy Graham, Event Host

Tammy absolutely made my son’s first Canucks game an amazing experience. We are visiting from Arizona and she was so amazing. A credit to the organization!

Ryan Clay, Culinary Supervisor

Ryan went down to the locker room and got my son a game puck. I thought this was amazing of him to do something like this!

Stephanie Gregoire, Street Team Member

Stephanie has been a leader on the street team all year. She is always eager to train new staff, take on challenges and responsibility, and interact with fans with the highest level of guest service!

Fred Ram, Event Security

Fred was amazing tonight with proactively checking closed Clubs to ensure no guests were inside. In doing so, he caught Encore and Club 500 with all their lights on. He made a point of letting us know so that is wouldn’t become a potential issue with guests trying to access these areas. Thank you, Fred!

Dario Giordani, Bartender

Dario exemplifies the benchmark of quality service that a barman should aim to be. His leadership, attention to detail, and commitment to quality inspires not only his team, but his leaders as well.

Ailsa Berry, Server

Ailsa’s ability to go with the flow while remaining positive is a huge addition in Loge Club. She’s a huge asset!

Roselyn Panganiban, Event Housekeeping

Positive attitude, always being meticulous and detailed, and just simply a pleasure to work with. It’s a better day and service when Roselyn is here!

Jackson Key, Server Assistant

Jackson has done an amazing job all season. Always smiling and helping where needed. Thanks for always being a great team member!

Tariq Parekh, Server Assistant

I’m so happy and impressed with the consistency that Tariq has shown. He always shows up ready to work. He always goes over and above with staff help and guest service. He hustles the entire shift and gets everything needed done. Tariq has shown such dedication and is a remarkable server assistant. His continuity is commendable.

Jessica Fung, Ashley Lum, and Teresa Nguyen, Server Assistants

Thank you for always being so positive and hard working. You all are the best server assistants we could ask for!

To All Staff

Thank you for being polite, helpful and super nice. All good things! Keep up the excellent work!

Stephanie Williams, Premium Client Service

Stephanie, this is exactly the “little bit extra” that makes us all look premium. Thank you for showing leadership like you do. It does not go unnoticed.

Gift Card Winners:

  •  Guy Jones, Conversions
  • Pamela Lutley, Event Host


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