November 2018 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the November 2018 Fan Mail recipients!

Ashley Smith, Concierge

Ashley did a fantastic job with service recovery with a guest in C500 who’s seat physically broke. Thanks for ensuring he enjoyed the game!

Dhaman Gosal, Suite Attendant

Suite 205 TELUS Patrons were very thrilled with the service of the Suite Attendant. Wanted to make sure this was passed along to them.

Lexia Nash, Suite Attendant

Lexia is proactive helping the concierge when it gets busy, even sweeping the floor. Congrats. #dreamteam

Tracy Ghirardi, Concierge Team Lead

Hats off to Tracy for looking after an ill coworker, right up to helping her into the car! Such a great team role model!!

Tracy demonstrated fantastic leadership and support during a difficult event in Club 500 tonight. She was PIVOTAL in dealing with personal issues.

Tracy always goes above and beyond for our guests at Rogers Arena! She’s always making sure the attendants have everything they need.

Tracy you are amazing, thanks for being you 🙂

Thank you for your calm demeanor and get it done attitude on a tough night. Our team appreciates and relies on you!

Lisiane Biset, Suite Attendant

The Host reported to me that he was extremely happy with Lisiane’s service and attention – which reflected well on him and his clients.

Sherisse Owen, Event Host

Sherisse was able to relocate to fans who were upset with another fan’s behaviour. She brought the fans popcorn to enhance their experience.        “Sherisse was a terrific representation of your organization”.

Norman Ells, Fan Experience Supervisor

New Host praise Norman for providing him with the skills to manage his section and for giving clear instructions on how to provide assistance to fans.

Great Leadership Norman!

Hanna Kim, Suite Attendant

Hanna is always so quick to help any guest in need on the suite levels. We appreciate all she does to make our guests experience a great one!

Stephen Mula, Fan Experience Supervisor

Thanks for helping me find a seat that was more suitable given noise sensitivity. It was much easier to step out when needed which helped me enjoy the show!

Stephen relocated a family of 3 from top of 323 to 120. They were from Seattle; great fan connection Stephen!

Stephen was able to offer excellent advice during briefing giving a peer the tools he needed to deal with an incident during his first concert shift. Nice work!

Thank you to Stephen for doing everything humanly possible to try to get the 2 scanners from gate 3 up and running. Great Job Stephen!

Zach Leach, Quick Service Attendant

Zach is always willing and eager to take on any challenge, he works hard and has a positive attitude! Keep up with good work Zach!

Jacqui Fenn, Concierge Supervisor

She is Amazing!!

Thank you for your “hands on”, let’s get working approach to the Canucks vs Wild game, it was much appreciated!

Caileigh Kirkby, Concierge Supervisor

Caileigh is a rockstar! She and her baby Kirkby worked every single day this week! Thank you Caileigh, you did an outstanding job!

Thank you for everything! No really, Everything! Remaining calm after getting locked in the stairwell to rapid deployment when we were surprised by door time! You are a true professional and your commitment to CSE is outstanding!

Ticket Center Staff

Jordan and the whole team, thank you so much for quickly and accurately responding to my many requests on Saturday. Your team rocks!

Nikki Lewis, Suite Attendant

Nikki knew that the health inspector was here today and was proactive in getting new eye wash bottles for the pantries and kitchens. Way to be safety focused!

Vanessa Yan, Concourse Concierge

Vanessa was a HUGE help to us; she worked every day this week! Great job.

Jane Reed, Event Host

Outstanding work on the floor in a confusing and busy pre-game. She went out of her way to get a map of the seating and direct people to their seats.

Ember Loh, Quick Service Attendant

Outstanding new employee! She did condiments all on her own, opening night and nailed it! Very hardworking and friendly. Keep up the good work Ember!

Sheryl Williamson, Concierge Supervisor

Sheryl goes above and beyond her duties. Sheryl continues to make an impact on her team; she is recognized as a respected leader who is hard working and inspires those around her.

Tanya Bourque, Event Security

During the Ellen Event Tanya assisted a family in finding a lost child. She remained calm with the mother until her son was found. Way to keep your cool and have our fans know their safety and security is of our top priority!

Gordon Sonier, Event Security

Gordan was completely on the ball with the new cannabis laws and caught a bag of edibles during a secondary search and did not allow it in the building.

Nikki Lewis, Suite Attendant

Way to go Nikki for recognizing the needs of a family, ensuring we got them relocated to accessible seats. You are Amazing!

Rachel Paimen, Event Host

Great help moving with a patient from first aid to gate 9, and clearing the way!

Bill Wong, Event Host

Thank you for your attention to detail when handling a patient from first aid to gate 9!

 Janine McRae, Ticket Centre Representative          

We accidentally double-booked tonight’s game and printed out e-tickets which became confused with the hardcopies. In a wonderful display of problem-solving Janine calmly provided a solution for getting our guests into the suite. It’s extra efforts like this that make the overall experience such a positive one.

Julianne Bui, Event Host

311 fan loved how the host treated the guests bringing a lady hot water and getting his son a toque after his brother won one.

Stephen Tran, Event Host

So cordial and kind to guests. Was in P2 North and was very engaging.

Hans Havas, Event Host

Hans was able to assist with a seat relocation during Doug’s very first concert shift.

Shauna Jense, Server

Shauna went so far above and beyond for a Loge guest that had challenges getting some VanBase merchandise delivered. She DROVE the items to their hotel! I cannot thank her enough on behalf of the organization.

Kate Kutka, Server

Hustling so hard and always looking for ways to do more and do it better! Xoxo

Jumped in and setup the Loge bar along with her own duties when I was delayed sure to a family matter! She’s amazing!

This girl can run circles around all of us in the Loge. We couldn’t function in the room without her. She is always working at 150%. #Amazing!

Kate made me a cappuccino for my table when I was busy (we all were). She’s always ready to help the team!

Kate went above and beyond today and every game. She always helps every person in our room, and it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Jordyn Laxton, Event Security

Jordyn went outside at the end of the game to get a guest’s backpack. Guest had a knee replacement and walking was difficult. Great job Jordyn!

Pamela Lutely, Event Host

With scanners down at gate 3 Pamela took it on her own to scan 2 doors instead of having 1 door closed, standing in the middle.

Justin Lai, Quick Service Attendant

If Justin trained all our new QSA’s, we would have an all-star team. He is very thorough with his training and is a model QSA! Always excited to have him in my stand.

Carmel Lepine, Fan Experience Supervisor

Calm demeanor handling code blue was fantastic with patient. Followed up with another guest who had panic attack as a result.

John Pederson, Event Host

Was in section 311. Was Amazing! My first game ever. He made it the best experience. Thank you!

Trina Kreis, Event Host

Trina was very helpful in assisting her Bravo with contract staff in the parkade. Very much appreciated the assistance! Thanks Trina!

Lynda Chalmers, Event Host

Lynda was extremely helpful at gate 10 assisting and taking the lead with our contract staff. You were such a big help to your Bravo and colleagues!

Patti Matwiv, Fan Experience Supervisor

Great support during multiple first aid incidents! Thank you for being a great partner and calm in tough situations.

Patrick Wong, Event Host

Patrick responded quickly and professionally when there was a medical emergency in his section. Great job staying calm and professional!

The Whole Premium Client Service Team

Our small but mighty team really came together for the week of DOTA. We were 100% staffed every day and even covered a medical emergency. You are all amazing and make my job easier to do! Thank you!

Shelley Bergson, Quick Service Supervisor

Thank you for being the best trainer I could have asked for! Thanks Shelley!

Cindy Van Oosten & Tim Wong, Event Hosts 

My kids and I were not able to get 3 seats together at the Drake concert. After seating me at my seat and realizing I was alone, Cindy kindly asked her supervisor to check if there were 3 seats I could have together. There didn’t end up being 3 seats together, but Cindy comforted me by making sure to check on my kids during to see if they were alright during the concert. Thank you and well done!

Leah Doaquino, Housekeeping 

Leah was fast to respond to my pages, and very quick in her duties so this interrupted fans minimally as they were enjoying the game. She really is a star!

Tara Balla, Event Host

The usher who has helped my dad so tremendously this year is Tara in Section 114.  My dad has terminal lung cancer and is very constrained mobility wise.  He’s had seasons since the 80’s.  He wasn’t going to go to games this year because he was concerned about his balance while going down the stairs.  We convinced him to attempt at least one game with my mom, and thanks to Tara’s help, he had been back multiple times.

Tara literally supports him all the way down to Row 14 and when my dad said at the first game, “I’m worried that you can’t hold me”, Tara simply said, “C’mon, I grew up with older brothers – if I can handle them, I can handle you”.  That was proof enough.

Further, Tara gave my mom her own personal cell number so that my mom could text her when they were planning to come, just in case they needed a bit of extra help. Wonderful generosity and caring.

Chantelle Coleman, Ashleigh Martins, Shane Galway, Olena Sorokina, Concierge

The team at Club 500 kept calm and carried on despite a number of A/V issues, seating issues and rowdy guests! We’re so thankful for all you do!

Scott Girling, Event Host

In over 25 years, I have never seen a Host clean up literally everything and be so happy & polite!! Keep him in the prime section. Thanks, Scott!

Monica Schaub, Event Host

Monica went above and beyond to help several guests. She helped one guest find her boyfriend and another at first aid. Thanks Monica!

Bob Insell, Event Host

Made me feel welcome through training. He’s a great mentor!

Nancy Smeal, Event Host

Great job dealing with guests in the non-alcohol section. She removed people who were drinking, and she didn’t back down!

Sonia Brar, Fan Experience Supervisor

She helped guest with seating issues and provided multiple solutions!

Janice Singh, Quick Service Attendant

Did a great job on WE Day. She was at the busiest stand by far. Thanks for being awesome!

Anne McCormick, Event Host

Anne did a wonderful job spotting me out in the crowd and returned my wallet to me. I am forever grateful! Thank you, Anne!

Ron Dobson, Event Host

Thanks for helping with back of house control when we are so short staffed!

Victoria Lam, Quick Service Attendant

Super quick and efficient service to customers at Triple O’s section 100. She provided great service. Awesome work!

Kyle Boyle, Street Team Supervisor

Kyle made room at the pregame corral for a wheelchair guest and his family. It made their night, thank you Kyle!

Andriene Abonita, Event Host

Andriene was extremely kind and helpful for my first game with a baby. Thank you!

Gift Card Winners:

  • Jane Reed, Event Host
  • Janine McRae, Ticket Centre Representative
  • Cindy Van Oosten & Tim Wong, Event Hosts

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