Signing Day Winners! December 2018


The following staff are winners of the Signing Day draw!

Please check your email for further instructions. Deadline to submit your item is Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

Chloe Hoy Vault Clerk
Harleen Sohi Street Team Member
Robin Horner Daytime Retail Associate
Maureen Bradley Post Event Housekeeping
Crystal Lindstrom Event Host
Cheryl Neville Event Host
Dan Fayant Warehouse
John Zarecki Broadcast Tech
Gwen Powell Event Host
Barney Hong Event Host
Puneet Parmar Beer Server
Neil Roploc Event Host
Paola Lozano Quick Service Attendant
Mike Orosz Hawker (Alcohol)
walter lim Event Host
Allysa Cruz Ticket Centre Representative
Simran Lail Street Team Member
Tara Balla Event Host
Angel Lee Quick Service Attendant
Sherman Lip Quick Service Attendant

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