20, 25 and 35 Year Anniversary Dinner 2018-2019

As we head into the new season, we’d like to recognize those long service Event Staff. Last month, we hosted a dinner in The Sportsbar recognizing those employees reaching their 20, 25 and 35 year anniversary this season!

Please join me in congratulating the following staff members:

Andrew Brettell Camera Operator 20 Years
Joshua Gemmell Daktronics Operator Lead 20 Years
David Gillis Conversions 20 Years
Stephen Goetz Technical Director 20 Years
Cherie Jackson Event Host 20 Years
Stanley Jang Post Event Housekeeper 20 Years
Kevin MacDonald Daktronics Operator Lead 20 Years
Dwanye Mitchell ISO Camera Operator 20 Years
John Moriarity Conversions 20 Years
Richard Morris Conversions 20 Years
Bruce Payan Daktronics Operator Lead 20 Years
Dionne Pelan Event Host 20 Years
Raj Sharma Event Host 20 Years
Gord Smith Promotion Team Lead 20 Years
Karen Baxter Event Host 20 Years
John Zarecki Broadcast Technician 20 Years
Andrea Shim-Ping Retail Sales Associate 25 Years
William B. Hinksman Press Box Attendant 35 Years
  1. WOW! Wonderful & inspirational!


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