June / July 2018 Fan Mail

Congratulations to the June / July 2018 Fan Mail recipients!

Roselyn Panganiban, Event Housekeeper

Roselyn is the absolute best! She is so quick to respond to our calls and always keeps L200 spic and span. She is always lovely and very friendly!

Rusty Wills, Event Host

A Fan contacted Fan Services wanting to give Rusty a huge kudos for being so accommodating during the Paul Simon Show. Rusty was everywhere trying to engage with & help fans – he was shaking their hands, checking in to see if they were comfortable, escorting them in & out of the tunnel, etc. Way to go Rusty!

Dan Fayant, Material Handling Coordinator

On May 10th Dan helped unload and put away a whole pallet of beer into a cooler. I wouldn’t have been able to get it done before doors. Thank you for all that you do, Daniel!

Andrew Murphy, Concierge

A guest was unhappy with how a situation was dealt with last event and Andrew stood calmly and patiently while the guest unloaded for a long time. You handled it with professionalism and poise. Yay you!!!

Dino Karataruk, Event Host

Dino took extra care and attention to our special guests requiring additional assistance ensuring their needs were met. He exceeded this by his great energy and positivity in getting our guests excited for The Eagles. A true model for what all CSE should strive to be… amazing!

Rusty Wills, Event Host & Sonia Brar, Fan Experience Supervisor

This is a belated shout out to Rusty and Sonia who went above and beyond to help me at The Eagles concert. I had missed meeting up with my brother and been unable to contact him as he’d left his cell phone at home. I had our two tickets in my app but didn’t remember which ticket I’d printed for him. Had I gone in using the ticket I’d printed for him, he would have been denied entry. Sonia was able to sort my mess out with the help of Rusty at the door. They were both so kind and helpful and deserve a gold star. Outstanding service!

Midas Gonzales, Bartender

I was looking for a non-alcoholic beverage for my pregnant daughter-in-law and Midas went out of his way to accommodate us in a friendly, professional way. Cheers to him!

Brendan Hamilton, Material Handling Coordinator

Brendan is a constant superstar and support to our hospitality team and is so committed to us that he came to rescue us after hours from home for an STM event on May 29th. There was a keg emergency and he saved the day!

Sonia Brar, Fan Experience Supervisor

During Shania Twain, Sonia went out of her way to support a young lady and a child who had lost a family member post-show and didn’t know what to do or how to get back home to Mission. Sonia stayed with the fan until a solution was found and made sure they had a safe ride home. She even checked after her shift to ensure they got home safe. Thanks for all you do, Sonia!

Yasmin Janmohamed, Event Host

Thank you to Yasmin for providing excellent customer service at the Bryan Adams show. She was very kind, cordial and provided very clear directions on how to get to our seats. Later in the evening, Yasmin checked-in to see if we were enjoying the show/had any trouble getting to our seats. Thanks for all your efforts, Yasmin!

Julianne Bui, Event Host

Julianne did an incredible job saving a family’s experience at the Khalid concert. The family was minutes away from leaving the event and Julianne stopped them, called her supervisor for support and found them a solution they were happy with. Way to go, Julianne!

Warren Tiplady, Hawker (Alcohol)

Warren was hawking around Gate 2 when he saw an empty bobble head box. He picked it up, broke it down, then put it in the recycling while still being aware of potential customers. Awesome job, Warren!

Monica Schaub, Event Host

Thank you for scoping out L400 East seats for our guests with invalid tickets and for getting them to their seats + making sure they had a drink!

Ashley Smith, Concierge

A family visiting from the Netherlands had a night to remember due to Ashley being thoughtful of their first NHL hockey game experience! She turned around the fact that their seats weren’t all together with some free swag that really made their night. Great play, Ashley!

Rusty Wills, Event Host

Rusty saw a guest that was very upset in the concourse and took the time to console her and listen to her story of the loss of a loved one. Thank you for showing such concern for our guests!

Dino Karataruk, Event Host

The definition of above and beyond! Dino took a blind guest from his floor seat to exit the arena and due to the big crowds outside the arena, Dino walked the guest 2 blocks away to safely be able to continue home. Fantastic service and way to take care of our special guests!

Sheryl Williamson, Concierge Supervisor

Thanks for following up on the guest I was dealing with at the end of the night by going out of your way to make sure she was ok! It really helped me get peace of mind too.

Cheryl Neville, Event Host

Cheryl saw a guest that was very upset in the concourse and took the time to console her and listen to her story of the loss of a loved one. Thank you for showing such concern for our guests!

Shane Galway, Concierge

Thanks for stepping in and helping with suite sweeps after The Eagles so that I could go home on time! I really appreciate it.

Rusty Wills, Event Host

Rusty helped a guest sort out a ticket issue at The Eagles. So kind and helpful – deserving of a gold star!

Stephanie Williams, Concierge

Stephanie has always given her best, ensuring the night has gone smoothly. Her dedication to her job as concierge is exceptional. Keep up the fantastic work, Stephanie!

Jacqui Fenn, Concierge Supervisor

Thank you for your help in Club 500 at the P!NK concert in accommodating our little guest with special needs. Your professionalism and outstanding customer service skills set an example for all of us!

Cheryl Neville, Event Host

During Bryan Adams, Cheryl got her section covered on L300 to personally check in with a L100 section to relocate guests that were dancing, which other guests were complaining about. It was very apparent how important guests are to Cheryl, way to go!

Kristina Thomas, Concierge Team Lead

Kristina has an amazing ability to deal with potentially awkward situations with a touch of humour along with measured authority. Thank you for all that you do!

 Gift Card Winners:

  • Rusty Wills, Event Host
  • Dino Karataruk, Event Host
  • Sonia Brar, Fan Experience Supervisor

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